Our Itinerary

We leave Dublin on 19 February and travel via London to Buenos Aries, the Paris of the South.  After a couple of days to see what this amazing city has to offer, we board a charter flight to Ushuaia, 3 hours away on the southern tip of Argentina.

From here we will sail in the wake of the historical explorers as we journey from Argentina south across the Drake Passage to explore and experience the landscape, nature and wildlife of the Antarctic Peninsula.  From there we head for the the stunning landscapes of South Georgia where Ernest Shckleton died and is buried. Onwards then to the remote Falkland Islands before returning after almost three weeks at sea to Buenos Aries.  We hope to acquaint ourselves with these less visited regions and learn more about their history and to share it all with you through the pages of this Blog.

Day 1 Ushuaia


We will arrive in Ushuaia in the morning. Ushuaia is the world’s southernmost city and the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego.  We tour the local National Park before joining our ship, the MS Fram

Day 2-3 Drake Passage

We set sail for the southernmost continent and en route learn more about this fascinating white land through exciting lectures.With our bow pointed south and a collection of unforgettable images and experiences ahead of us, our sturdy MS Fram takes us across the famous, and dreaded, Drake Passage.

Day 4-6 Antarctica

The Antarctic Continent

When you believe you have seen it all, Antarctica will make you re-consider. The last untouched place on Earth, with its crisp air, icebergs and endless, white mountain ranges, this continent is dedicated to science and peace. There are no permanent human inhabitants but it is home to millions of penguins and the feeding area for thousands of whales. By all accounts, words will be inadequate to describe the Great White Continent. The ice, wind and weather dictate life in Antarctica as well as our route. Every voyage is unique and the final choice of landings will be made in the course of the voyage.

Day 7-8 At sea

On our way to South Georgia  we will learn more about the history and the spectacular wildlife of the island also known as the Serengeti of the Southern Ocean.

Day 9-10 South Georgia

The alpine-peaked island of South Georgia has a variety and density of wildlife that will overwhelm even the most blasé visitor. The largest king penguin colonies in the world are flanked by groups of fur and elephant seals. We will also experience long abandoned whaling stations and the poignant highlight for many a visitor, the grave of Sir Ernest
Henry Shackleton.

Day 11-12 At sea

On our way to the Falklands

Day 13-14 Falkland

We will explore the north-west part of the Falklands further. We then continue to Port Stanley, the Islands’ capital, which makes a wonderful starting point
for various excursions in the area. You can choose to take an optional
excursion or explore the town on your own.

Day 15 At Sea/Falkland Islands

Thanks to a unique sub-Antarctic eco-system, more than 70
animal and bird species live on these islands. The landscape is majestic, with
cliffs and gentle beaches. We hope to reach North West Falkland in the evening.

Day 16-18 At sea

Enjoy the open sea as we head towards Buenos Aires.

Day 19 Buenos Aires

Another opportunity to see Buenos Aries and perhaps further sample what the birthplace of the Tango has to offer.

3 thoughts on “Our Itinerary

  1. Claire & Jan

    Wishing all 4 of you a great trip, however Jan and I just arrived back into Argentina from Chile 3 days ago (19th, same day you departed DUB), we are now in the Bariloche area and unlike Buenos Aires .. weather here is fantastic! hope you all enjoy the trip!!!!!!!

  2. Finn Treacey

    Hi guys, I agree, it is incredibly beautiful. Great photos – they are awesome! Like the pet penguin Aileen 🙂 Enjoy every second – we are all so jealous! Cheers, Finn

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