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  1. Finbarr & Madeleine Dolan

    Hi Mary
    Gay told me about your great adventure. The very best of luck, hope you enjoy every minute. When you look to the night sky, think of The Poor People at Home!! Wondering what that sky is like. Can you touch the stars? Is there a lot of light or darkness? Watch those bears, hear they’re none too cuddley!
    Kind regards

    1. Gerry Post author

      Currently about 58 deg south. Dusk about 21.39 and sunrise 04.47. Not seen too many stars as night skies have been cloudy. Penguins already sighted but not too many bears. Apparently they couldn’t afford the fare!


  2. Michael Ryan

    Well you have seen Antartica and are now heading for Elephant Island. Without the internet working we can’t be sure – it reminds me of the film Capricorn One; you could be anywhere! Anyway what little we have gleaned sounds very exciting and I do get a sense of how small mankind is when put in this unique environment. Makes it all the more astonishing that explorers and whalers managed to survive back in the ninteenth century. Hope you are all well and still on talking terms. You never really hear of Shackleton & Co falling out although the near death experinences they faced must have made for contrary opinions of a strong nature. But I suppose modern cruising . . . . . .

  3. marguerite doherty

    Hi Mary, it’s Dallas here. I would love to say it’s 70 degrees here but it’s been cold over the past few weeks not to mention the East coast where they are having terrible weather. You on the other hand have the extream weather and it looks so beautiful, I just got through looking at the photos, they are amazing and you can actually see land, you see how ignorant I am I thougth that Antarctica would be covered in snow the year round. So much to learn, Well now I am going to go back and look at the pictures again.
    Stay safe Love Marguerite and Tom

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