The Hagglund

The Hagglund is an articulated, all-purpose, all-terrain vehicle originally designed for the Swedish military for use in the snow and bog-lands of northern Sweden.  It is also used nowadays by the US and Australian research organisations based in Antarctica.  Most recently it was used by the Australian Government to transport Santa Claus to the Davis Station in Antarctica.

The vehicle has extraordinary capabilities as demonstrated here.

A Hagglund at the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch

They have a couple in the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, NZ, where they use them to take visitors on  demonstration rides across a specially designed obstacle course (and where this photo was taken).

It’s quite an experience and better than any roller coaster I have been on.  Unfortunately, we won’t get to ride one on our upcoming trip but they are a further demonstration of how far we have come since the heroic age of Antarctic exploration.